Plotting More Comic Stuff

March 27, 2017

Slow and useless as ever, that said I’ve been not quite so slow and useless lately… Right now I’m trying to build up a small buffer to finish Apothecary Supreme in style rather than in dribs and drabs as things have been.

For what it’s worth, I’m almost there and I’m more determined then ever to get my stuff together and see things done properly. So yeah, watch this space etc etc

Apothecary Supreme Page 29 – Reunion

February 20, 2017



Did I really say just three more pages last time? Looking like four here, pacing can be a fickle thing…

Frustratingly this one has been sat on my hard-drive waiting to be finalised for a while now thanks to other distractions, which is really not helping my already slow release schedule. For once maybe I’ll just shut up and get on with more…


Apothecary Supreme Page 28 and where I’m going with all this

January 22, 2017

Slowly getting there…

All's well that ends well?

All’s well that ends well?

This page essentially wraps up the main dilemma of the story (the ‘dragon’) and leaves me with what is basically a coda for the final three (or so) pages sorting out the loose ends between Burkhard and Greta.

It’s at least reassuring to be so close to the finishing line but I don’t want to launch into a full reflection on the comic/issue’s development just yet since I’m saving that for when it’s done-done. Instead I’d like to briefly ruminate on the future of my work and this comic.

The plan has always been to go back to self publishing and attending expos, however I want to be 100% I have something worth sharing to avoid repeating all the mistakes I made last time around all the way back in 2013. Areas I definitely want to put more consideration into this time are the final printed format, cover and stall. Presentation is an area I previously neglected to my own detriment, something three years in design/marketing day jobs has really hammered home.

More than anything though, tackling a convention stall again is a chance to really test people’s reaction to Apothecary Supreme. I feel that even recouping expenses may be overly optimistic after so long out of the game, but for me getting back into this is both a launch board and experiment to assess what my next course of action will be. I’ve likely mentioned before that this comic was intended as a bit of a test; on the one hand it’s a self contained fantasy/horror story, but could potentially be the basis for other episodic tales of weirdness depending on the response.

If I feel that people want more I will likely continue with other stories in this setting, targeting a faster production cycle and any other weaknesses that could be addressed. On the other hand, should I decide to abandon the story after this at least there is a complete narrative on its own, rather than another unfinished ‘to be continued’. Ultimately it will depend on my feelings once I’ve gotten it out there in printed format.

I did have the London MCM Comic Con in May penciled in as my deadline to wrap everything up and finalise a print run. Unfortunately, it seems I was overly naive in assuming booking a table would be as easy as it was in the past; demand is way up and I’m told all the tables were taken in the first hour of going live, making it about an hour too late in my case…

Aaaaanyhow, rather than be miserable about this I’m taking it as a sign I should adjust my objectives slightly and aim for a smaller expo first. MCM Manchester seems promising and I have a few allies in the area I may be able to summon, so watch this space for updates!

In the meantime, I need to stop wasting my free time in Overwatch and finish this mucky little yarn.




Apothecary Supreme Page 27 – Bye Bye Mr. Dragon

December 21, 2016


Amusing to think back to more antisocial times when I actually got comic pages done every week!

Fortunately Christmas is nigh, so I should have time to get half finished pages done and conclude this story properly!

Pointless trivia – By FAR this page was the one I had the most indecision over, during writing/drawing I went back and forth between Greta being more brutal to the ‘dragon’, more empathetic, back to being essentially neutral.

The bottom line is that forgiveness only goes so far; someone who’s burned people to death and forced themselves onto creatures is a tough sell for  empathy, however pitiful they may end up being…

Apothecary Supreme Page 26 – Catharsis

October 30, 2016

Getting the internet back after an intense move and staggering wait – thanks to the disgusting local ISP monopoly – is a breath of fresh air; much like having a weird tumor-heart-thing wrenched from your throat by a minature psycho!