Apothecary Supreme Page 22 blasts in

May 13, 2016


Stuff is getting all actiony! Which is a bit embarassing given how slow production is moving these days; were this a movie it would be the most awkward slomo freeze frame in the history of cinema…

Still! I am pleased how this one finally turned out, particularly in regards to the looser, more frantic linework as things really start to move. Check it out here:



Apothecary Supreme Page 21 splashes down

April 10, 2016

Not out in the week I hoped it would be but at least vaguely on track to regularity!



Page 20 Live, Reveal arrives a trillion years late

March 29, 2016

Actually like 3-4 months but either way, too long by far.

Things have been really busy though as I’ve been getting to grips with a new job while there have been other odds and ends going on too that have kept me away. Either way, it’s nice to be uploading monsters again!




March 22, 2016

Gradually getting back into my comic stuff again after having my schedule filled with work obligations and such. It’s slow getting off the ground again, but I’m more determined than ever now to see this little story to the end, especially with the conclusion in sight.


Busy Earning… Still going

January 17, 2016

Page20INPROGRESSA spoilerific image perhaps but I felt it was worth posting to show I haven’t ditched Greta & Co just yet.

I doubt I could convey quite how desperate I am to push things forward and finish this long overdue story (though my partner is probably sick of hearing about it), still I will finish it and I am getting serious again, just trying to find a rhythm that works with alongside the day job and all the other little distractions.

That update is coming soon and it should be followed by ones that aren’t a month apart.


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