Apothecary Supreme Page 27 – Bye Bye Mr. Dragon

December 21, 2016



Amusing to think back to more antisocial times when I actually got comic pages done every week!

Fortunately Christmas is nigh, so I should have time to get half finished pages done and conclude this story properly!

Pointless trivia – By FAR this page was the one I had the most indecision over, during writing/drawing I went back and forth between Greta being more brutal to the ‘dragon’, more empathetic, back to being essentially neutral.

The bottom line is that forgiveness only goes so far; someone who’s burned people to death and forced themselves onto creatures is a tough sell for  empathy, however pitiful they may end up being…

Apothecary Supreme Page 26 – Catharsis

October 30, 2016

Getting the internet back after an intense move and staggering wait – thanks to the disgusting local ISP monopoly – is a breath of fresh air; much like having a weird tumor-heart-thing wrenched from your throat by a minature psycho!




Apothecary Supreme Page 25 – Stuff gets messy

August 29, 2016

Finally a proper dose of the promised ‘bio-horror’, still later than I’d like mind :P



Apothecary Supreme Page 24

July 27, 2016


My, my I’ve been embarrassing infrequent lately! I’d say it was all work but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to a little slacking… The conclusion is tantalisingly close now though so I’ll be sure to redouble my efforts!


Apothecary Supreme Page 23 – Stuff gets heated

June 7, 2016


Things have been quite chatty so a page without any dialogue seems like an appropriate pause as the plot changes gears again. There was dialogue but ultimately it seemed a bit silly to have the ‘dragon’ mouthing off while blasting fire…